Hitler's Professors

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Hitler's Professors
This classic book examines the role of leading scholars, philosophers, historians, and scientists--in Hitler's rise to power and eventual war of extermination against the Jews. Written in 1946 by one of the greatest scholars of European Jewish history and culture, it is now reissued with a new introduction by the prominent historian Martin Gilbert.

"Dr. Weinreich's main thesis is that 'German scholarship provided the ideas and techniques that led to and justified unparalleled slaughter.'. . . In its implications and honest presentation of the facts [this book] constitutes the best guide to the nature of Nazi terror that I have read so far."--Hannah Arendt, Commentary

"Mr. Weinreich's book, by the wealth of its material and by its intelligent approach, offers the reader--in addition to a thorough treatment of the Jewish aspect--many opportunities to think about the role of scholarship in a totalitarian society."--Hans Kohn, New York Times Book Review

"Building, in the immediate aftermath of the war, on a formidable bibliography of books, pamphlets, and articles, Weinreich provides erudite evidence of the scale and ramifications of Nazi support in German intellectual life."--Martin Gilbert, from the introduction

Published in association with the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Publication Date: 
May 11, 1999