Understanding the Healthcare Reform

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Understanding the Healthcare Reform
The reform of American medical care is the most important topic on the nation's domestic agenda and the centerpiece of the Clinton administration's plans for social policy and long-term economic development. This book, written by a preeminent analyst of medical politics and policy who is a frequent adviser to Congress, helps to clarify the current debate over the President's bill and the proposed alternatives to it. It is essential reading. Theodore Marmor, whose work has appeared in the nation's major newspapers and magazines, as well as in scholarly journals and books, here presents some of his most recent writings that illuminate the historical, political, and economic considerations behind various proposals now under debate. Marmor explains what we can and cannot expect from reform of American medicine, and he addresses the many conflicting claims about remedies for America's problems with medical costs, quality of care, and access to treatment.
Publication Date: 
September 28, 1994