Psychology of Men: Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Revised)

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Psychology of Men: Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Revised)
What does it mean to be a man? How do men see themselves in relation to other men, to women, and to both the feminine and the masculine aspects of their own selves? In this fascinating book, a group of outstanding psychoanalysts explore the complexities and ambiguities of masculinity, offering us fresh insights into men's fantasies and conflicts; their developmental tasks, including their role as fathers; and the ways in which men are reacting to changing sexual standards and models.
An excellent book. . . . [The contributors] speak with admirable erudition, achieve a choral balance that is rare in a multiauthored work, and eloquently reaffirm the relevance and vitality of contemporary psychoanalytic theory.--Justin Simon, M.D., American Journal of Psychiatry
A fascinating book worthy of the attention of therapists, doctors, and nurses who work with male patients, and men and women who love and struggle with men.--Samuel Osherson, Hospital and Community Psychiatry
The authors of The Psychology of Men, fifteen gifted thinkers, all well-known analysts, have contributed to this long overdue research. Their combined efforts give us a glimpse of the suffering that lies behind men's homosexual and adolescent struggles, their attempts to meet the challenge of fatherhood, the myth of invulnerability, and the ever-present injunction to 'be a man.' The authors ably demonstrate that this is no easy task.--Joyce McDougall
Publication Date: 
May 29, 1996