Mary Cassatt: A Life

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Mary Cassatt: A Life

One of the few women Impressionists, Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) had a life of paradoxes: American born, she lived and worked in France; a classically trained artist, she preferred the company of radicals; never married, she painted exquisite and beloved portraits of mothers and children. This book provides new insight into the personal life and artistic endeavors of this extraordinary woman.

"Brilliant, lively life of long lived American Impressionist."--Kirkus Reviews

"Rich in historical and archeological detail, thoroughgoing in its resurrection of the contexts and conditions of Cassatt's life as an artist."--Carol Armstrong, New York Times Book Review

"Mathews informatively and entertainingly documents Cassatt's tumultuous relations with various members of both the American and Parisian avant-garde. . . . An impressive biography."--Siri Huntoon, New York Newsday

"A superb piece of scholarship."--Ruth Johnstone Wales, Christian Science Monitor

"In this admirable biography, art historian Mathews . . . presents a compelling portrait of this contradictory woman."--Publishers Weekly

"Authoritative, unsentimental, clear as a bell, this is a model of the new biography by and about talented women."--Kennedy Fraser

"This will probably be the definitive biography for our generation."--John Wilmerding, Princeton University

Publication Date: 
September 10, 1998