Covenant of the Wild: Why Animals Chose Domestication

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Covenant of the Wild: Why Animals Chose Domestication
Animal rights extremists argue that eating meat is murder and that pets are slaves. This compelling reappraisal of the human-animal bond, however, shows that domestication of animals is not an act of exploitation but a brilliantly successful evolutionary strategy that has benefited humans and animals alike. "Budiansky's slim, elegant discourse is a persuasive counterweight to the pastoral delusions of sentimentalists intent on seeing humans as malevolently at odds with the noble animal kingdom."-Manuela Hoelterhoff, Wall Street Journal "Forcefully argued and eloquent."-Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times "A subtle look at the mysteries of evolution and a stinging response to animal-rights extremists. . . . Ambrosia for anyone-whether in agreement with Budiansky or not-who appreciates the beauty of an argument that combines careful scholarship with common sense."-Kirkus Reviews "Budiansky argues his thesis clearly and cogently."-Daily Telegraph
Publication Date: 
May 1, 1999