Thailand: A Short History; Second Edition (Revised) (Revised)

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Thailand: A Short History; Second Edition (Revised) (Revised)
This highly acclaimed book, the standard history of Thailand for almost twenty years, has now been completely revised by the author. David K. Wyatt has also added new sections examining the social and economic changes that have transformed the country in the past two decades.

Praise for the previous edition:

"Wyatt knows his subject well enough and has enough enthusiasm for it to make his book . . . entertaining as well as eminently educational."--David McElveen, Asiaweek

"A very readable account. . . .We come away from reading it with a clearer understanding of where Thailand stands in relation to its neighbors, who the Thai people are, how the Thai government evolved into its present form."--James Stent, Asian Wall Street Journal

"Concise, thorough, and readable."--John Gabree, New York Newsday

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2003