Christians as the Romans Saw Them

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Christians as the Romans Saw Them
This book, which includes a new preface by the author, offers an engrossing portrayal of the early years of the Christian movement from the perspective of the Romans.
"A fascinating . . . account of early Christian thought. . . . Readable and exciting."--Robert McAfee Brown, New York Times Book Review
"Should fascinate any reader with an interest in the history of human thought."--Phoebe-Lou Adams, Atlantic Monthly
"The pioneering study in English of Roman impressions of Christians during the first four centuries A.D."--E. Glenn Hinson, Christian Century
This gracefully written study . . . draws upon well-known sources--both pagan and Christian--to provide the general reader with an illuminating account . . . [of how] Christianity appeared to the Romans before it became the established religion of the empire.--Merle Rubin, Christian Science Monitor
Publication Date: 
April 10, 2003