Harmonic Organization of the Rite of Spring

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Harmonic Organization of the Rite of Spring
Forte here applies his analytical approach as set forth in The Structure of Atonal Music to one of the monuments of modern music. Together the introduction and the analysis, with its more than 100 musical examples, both illuminate the structure of the work and demonstrate the way in which Forte's method may be applied in the analysis of complex music. "[This study] is welcome and long overdue.. The influence of Allen Forte on contemporary music theory has been enormous, and The Harmonic Organization of "The Rite of Spring" has importance for a number of serious musicians, particularly, for disciples and others interested in set-theoretic approach, and for those interested in Stravinsky's work..Seeing the theory applied consistently to a specific work can show if it provides any true illumination of the work..This study should not be ignored."-Frank Retzel, Notes
Publication Date: 
June 1, 1978