Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred

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Democracy and Populism: Fear and Hatred
A highly esteemed historian reflects on the dangerous descent of democracy into populism--particularly in the United States.
Democracy has changed substantially since the second World War, evolving into a dangerous and possibly irreversible populism, says John Lukacs in this intensely interesting--and troubling--book. The esteemed historian offers biting, timely, and controversial observations on the power of the media and the precarious state of American democracy today.

"In taking up Tocqueville's theme, democracy in America, our most perceptive and far-ranging historian corrects many misconceptions about the recent past and deals commandingly with this country's zeal to implant our blend of freedoms abroad. He will arouse thought as he always does and stir the emotions more than usual."--Jacques Barzun

"Lukacs is indisputably one of the English language's greatest--and most idiosyncratic--historians. . . . This is a wonderful book to chew on. . . . For the intelligent and historically literate general reader, this may well be a great joy."--Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Publication Date: 
June 15, 2006