Unbounded Home: Property Values Beyond Property Lines

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Unbounded Home: Property Values Beyond Property Lines
The Unbounded Home grapples with a core metropolitan reality - that the value and meaning of a home extend beyond its property lines to schools, shops, parks, services, transportation, neighbours, neighbourhood aesthetics, and even market conditions. Lee Anne Fennell unpacks the resulting tension between the homeowner's desire for personal autonomy at home and the impulse to control what happens in surrounding areas to safeguard the home's value. The stakes are high; this conundrum carries implications for nearly every facet of residential life, including the many neighbourhoods in the United States that are segregated by race and social class. Fennell shows how a new understanding of homeownership and innovations that increase the flexibility of property law can address critical issues of neighbourhood control and community composition that have been simmering unresolved for decades.
Publication Date: 
September 1, 2009