Criticism in the Wilderness: The Study of Literature Today

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Criticism in the Wilderness: The Study of Literature Today
Originally published in 1980, this now classic work of literary theory explores the wilderness of positions that grew out of the collision between Anglo-American practical criticism and Continental philosophic criticism. This second edition includes a new preface by the author as well as a foreword by Hayden White.
"A key text for understanding 'the fate of reading' in the Anglophone world over the last fifty years."--Hayden White, from the Foreword
"Criticism in the Wilderness may be the best, most brilliant, most broadly useful book yet written by an American about the sudden swerve from the safety of established decorum toward bravely theoretical, mainly European forms of literary criticism."--Terrence Des Pres, Nation
"A polemical survey that reaffirms the value of the Continental tradition of philosophical literary criticism."--Notable Books of the Year, New York Times Book Review
Publication Date: 
March 1, 2007