One Nation Under Contract

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One Nation Under Contract
Utilizing private contractors is essential to American interests, but it must be done right, asserts international relations scholar Allison Stanger, who presents a bold vision of what that approach should be. "As we debate how many more troops to dispatch to Afghanistan, it might be a good time to also debate just how far we've already gone in hiring private contractors to do jobs that the State Department, Pentagon and C.I.A. once did on their own. A good place to start is with . . . One Nation Under Contract."-Thomas Friedman, New York Times "A fascinating book about military contractors and just how big a role they play in U.S. defense policy."- Fareed Zakaria, CNN's GPS (Book of the Week) "The real strength of this superb book is not what it reveals, as stunning as that may be, but how well [Stanger] assimilates the changed circumstances of modern-day governance and simply addresses what now must be done. . . . Stanger deserves a gold medal for this book."-Mickey Edwards, Boston Globe "Powerfully argued . . . provocative. . . . By shining a light on what she calls America's 'shadow government, ' [Stanger] does us the great favor of triggering a long overdue political debate."- Thomas P.M. Barnett, World Politics Review
Publication Date: 
January 25, 2011