American West: A New Interpretive History

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American West: A New Interpretive History
A fully revised and updated new edition of the classic history of western America

"A classic for the twenty-first century, The American West stands as the best one volume treatment of the American West in a generation--a masterful overview, replete with triumph and tragedy, pain and possibility."--Karl Jacoby, Columbia University

"This new edition of The American West is, quite simply, stunning. Incorporating cutting-edge scholarship without losing the vision and clarity of the original, it weaves a cast of protagonists around a clear and gripping narrative. Comprehensive, bold, punchy, this is a textbook that reads like a novel."--Pekka Hämäläinen, Oxford University

The newly revised second edition of this concise, engaging, and unorthodox history of America's West has been updated to incorporate new research, including recent scholarship on Native American lives and cultures. An ideal text for course work, it presents the West as both frontier and region, examining the clashing of different cultures and ethnic groups that occurred in the western territories from the first Columbian contacts between Native Americans and Europeans up to the end of the twentieth century.

Publication Date: 
August 8, 2017