Essays: A Fully Annotated Edition

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Essays: A Fully Annotated Edition

This new selection of Thoreau's essays traces his trajectory as a writer for the outlets of his day--the periodical press, newspapers, and compendiums--and as a frequent presenter on the local lecture circuit. By arranging the writings chronologically, the volume re-creates the experience of Thoreau's readers as they followed his developing ideas over time.

Jeffrey S. Cramer, award-winning editor of six previous volumes of works by Thoreau, offers the most accurate text available for each essay and provides convenient on-page annotations. He establishes context and guides the reader through unfamiliar allusions and references, plumbing the depths of Thoreau's writings with unprecedented insight.

Among the essays in this book:

- The Last Days of John Brown
- Resistance to Civil Government [Civil Disobedience]
- Thomas Carlyle and His Works
- Natural History of Massachusetts
- and many more

Publication Date: 
October 27, 2015