Dawn of Eurasia: On the Trail of the New World Order

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Dawn of Eurasia: On the Trail of the New World Order
A bold, eye-opening account of the coming integration of Europe and Asia

Weaving together history, diplomacy, and vivid personal narratives from his overland journey across Eurasia from Baku to Samarkand, Vladivostok to Beijing, Bruno Maçães provides a fascinating portrait of the shifting borderlands between Europe and Asia, tracking the economic integration of the two continents into a new supercontinent: Eurasia.

As Maçães demonstrates, glimpses of the coming Eurasianism are already visible in China's bold infrastructure project reopening the historic Silk Road, in the success of cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, in Turkey's increasing global role, and in shifting U.S. foreign policy toward Europe and Asia. This insightful and clarifying book argues that the artificial separation of the world's largest island cannot hold.

Publication Date: 
July 9, 2018