Impeachment: A Handbook

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Impeachment: A Handbook
Originally published at the height of the Watergate crisis, Charles Black's classic Impeachment: A Handbook has long been the premier guide to the subject of presidential impeachment. Now thoroughly updated with new chapters by Philip Bobbitt, it remains essential reading for every concerned citizen.

Praise for Impeachment:

"To understand impeachment, read this book. It shows how the rule of law limits power, even of the most powerful, and reminds us that the impact of the law on our lives ultimately depends on the conscience of the individual American."--Bill Bradley, former United States senator

"The most important book ever written on presidential impeachment."--Lawfare

"A model of how so serious an act of state should be approached."--Wall Street Journal

"A citizen's guide to impeachment. . . . Elegantly written, lucid, intelligent, and comprehensive."--New York Times Book Review

"The finest text on the subject I have ever read."--Ben Wittes

Publication Date: 
September 18, 2018