Schreiben Lernen: A Writing Guide for Learners of German

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Schreiben Lernen: A Writing Guide for Learners of German
Designed for German students of all levels, the second edition of this unique writing guide is updated with prompts for exploring contemporary culture and identities

Using a unique and effective approach, Schreiben lernen offers a comprehensive means for learners of German to develop and refine their writing skills. This guide consists of model texts, vocabulary-building exercises, and guided activities to practice writing sentences, paragraphs, and entire texts. Each chapter highlights issues related to writing for specific audiences and purposes. Students learn by analyzing model texts in ten different genres and by engaging with contemporary culture as they explore various modes of communication and creative expression.

The second edition has been updated to feature two entirely new chapters on writing reviews and interpreting art and provides additional focus on personal portraits, immigrant identity, climate change, and film. Schreiben lernen targets beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners, allowing instructors to support students at all levels and unify their German curricula with a foundational text for developing writing skills. This versatility means that the guide may be used as supplementary material or as a stand-alone textbook for courses focusing on German composition.

Publication Date: 
July 25, 2023