Mirror of Reality: 19th-Century Painting in the Netherlands

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Mirror of Reality: 19th-Century Painting in the Netherlands
A beautifully designed and lavishly illustrated survey of 19th-century paintings in the Netherlands

This comprehensive overview is the first book in more than 60 years on the underexplored history of painting in the Netherlands in the 19th century. Jenny Reynaerts, an acclaimed specialist in 19th-century Dutch art, takes a close look at works from famous canvases by Vincent van Gogh to lesser-known works and even recently discovered paintings. Offering a synthesis of numerous focused studies from the past 50 years, Reynaerts pays special attention to the stylistic developments, the contemporary art market, and the relationships that Dutch artists at the time had with the international art world. The book boasts 500 illustrations by artists including Van Gogh, Ary Scheffer, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, Jacob and Matthijs Maris, and many more. Designed by renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom, this book will serve as the authoritative text on 19th-century painting in the Netherlands.

Publication Date: 
March 24, 2020