Crusader Strategy: Defending the Holy Land

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Crusader Strategy: Defending the Holy Land
"Engagingly written."--Andrew D Buck, BBC History Magazine

"[A] compelling book."--Ian Garrick-Mason, Spectator

Shortlisted for the 2020 Duke of Wellington Medal for Military History

A new look at the crusaders, which shows how they pursued long-term plans and clear strategic goals

Medieval states, and particularly crusader societies, often have been considered brutish and culturally isolated. It seems unlikely that they could develop "strategy" in any meaningful sense. However, the crusaders were actually highly organized in their thinking and their decision making was rarely random.

In this lively account, Steve Tibble draws on a rich array of primary sources to reassess events on the ground and patterns of behavior over time. He shows how, from aggressive castle building to implementing a series of invasions of Egypt, crusader leaders tenaciously pursued long-term plans and devoted single-minded attention to clear strategic goals. Crusader states were permanently on the brink of destruction; resources were scarce and the penalties for failure severe. Intuitive strategic thinking, Tibble argues, was a necessity, not a luxury.

Publication Date: 
September 29, 2020