Bamigboye: A Master Sculptor of the Yoruba Tradition

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Bamigboye: A Master Sculptor of the Yoruba Tradition
The first publication on the Yorùbá master sculptor Moshood Olúṣọmọ Bámigbóyè

Bámigbóyè A Master Sculptor of the Yorùbá Tradition is the first monograph dedicated to the 50-year career of the Nigerian artist Moshood Olúṣọmọ Bámigbóyè (ca. 1885-1975). One of the most important Yorùbá sculptors of the twentieth century, Bámigbóyè is best known for the spectacular masks that he carved for religious festivals known locally as Ẹpa. Weighing up to 80 pounds and measuring over 4 feet tall, with intricate superstructures that could feature dozens of finely carved individual figures, these masks represent some of the most complex and elaborate works of Yorùbá art ever made. With 190 illustrations, this sumptuous volume presents masterpieces from Bámigbóyè's workshop now housed in collections in America, Europe, and Nigeria. Essays situate Bámigbóyè's work as part of Africa's oldest and most dynamic art traditions and consider his sculpture in relation to contemporary Yorùbá art, culture, politics, and religion. With new and archival photographs and incorporating oral histories conducted with the artist's family and community, this catalogue fills a critical void in African art-historical scholarship.

Distributed for the Yale University Art Gallery

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Yale University Art Gallery
(September 9, 2022-January 8, 2023)

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2022