Crusader Criminals: The Knights Who Went Rogue in the Holy Land

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Crusader Criminals: The Knights Who Went Rogue in the Holy Land
A vivid new history of the criminal underworld in the medieval Holy Land

The religious wars of the crusades are renowned for their military engagements. But the period was witness to brutality beyond the battlefield. More so than any other medieval war zone, the Holy Land was rife with unprecedented levels of criminality and violence.

In the first history of its kind, Steve Tibble explores the criminal underbelly of the crusades. From gangsters and bandits to muggers and pirates, Tibble presents extraordinary evidence of an illicit underworld. He shows how the real problem in the region stemmed not from religion but from young men. Dislocated, disinhibited, and present in disturbingly large numbers, they were the propellant that stoked two centuries of unceasing warfare and shocking levels of criminality.

Crusader Criminals charts the downward spiral of desensitisation that grew out of the horrors of incessant warfare--and in doing so uncovers some of the most surprising stories of the time.

Publication Date: 
August 6, 2024