Arms and Armor: Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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Arms and Armor: Highlights from the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Through the exceptional permanent collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this book looks at arms and armor as art--from warfare to war games, from hunting to the pursuit of glory

The Philadelphia Museum of Art's holdings of arms and armor are among the finest of their kind in the world. Presenting nearly 100 masterpieces from the collection, this lavishly illustrated volume includes complete armors and armor elements, swords, firearms and crossbows, staff weapons, horse equipment, and related accessories. Drawn for the most part from the princely armories of Europe, these objects represent the epitome of the armorer's art, and many are published here in color for the first time. The engaging text by Dirk H. Breiding summarizes the latest scholarship and discusses how the museum's collection--the core of which consists of a 1977 bequest by the distinguished connoisseur and scholar Carl Otto Kretzschmar von Kienbusch (1884-1976)--has evolved over the years.

This volume reveals how arms and armor--uniting art, fashion, design, politics, and technology--can be seen as unique expressions of human creativity.

Published in association with the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Publication Date: 
June 16, 2020