Talks on Chinese Culture

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Talks on Chinese Culture
Talks on Chinese Culture (TOCC) is a post-basic Chinese language textbook intended for students who possess solid mastery of at least two years of college-level Chinese. It is designed to serve as a bridge along the path from basic command to professional level functionality. TOCC takes the view that the student of Chinese needs to be conversant with both forms of the Chinese character: simplified and traditional/complex. Text materials are thus presented in both forms and in a manner which challenges the student to master both forms. The various topics presented in TOCC serve as vehicles for the mastery of the kind of basic vocabulary that characterizes the conversations and writings of educated Chinese speakers. TOCC is based on the widely-known "Yale" series of Chinese language texts, which even today retains an unsurpassed degree of correlation with currently used vocabulary and sentence patterns. However, students from different curricular backgrounds may also use this text with success. The goal of TOCC is to advance the student's skill levels in listening and speaking as well as reading and writing.
Publication Date: 
March 11, 1997