Lauren Halsey: The Roof Garden Commission

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Lauren Halsey: The Roof Garden Commission
In her newest site-specific work, the eastside of south central los angeles hieroglyph prototype architecture (I), Lauren Halsey combines signs, symbols, and architecture from the past, present, and future to remix (or, as she says, "funkify") history. Known for her vibrant sculptures, mixed-media pieces, and large-scale installations, Halsey here critiques the gentrification of Black spaces by uniting ancient Egyptian-inspired iconography with contemporary advertising and representations of leaders and icons from her South Central, Los Angeles community. An insightful essay on Halsey's artistic process and an interview with the artist uncover her diverse influences--from ancient Egyptian relief carving to funk music, Afrofuturism, and LA architecture--while also discussing how her work focuses on community engagement and on creating spaces for people of color and the working class.
Publication Date: 
April 18, 2023