Frida Escobedo

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Frida Escobedo
An illuminating profile of one of today's most innovative and forward-looking architects, whose materials-based practice explores how space can provoke emotional response

Frida Escobedo's (b. 1979) designs for public spaces have received global accolades. In 2022 The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that she would be the first woman to design a wing for the institution. This publication surveys her award-winning structures that treats space as a language--layered, responsive, and reflective of both a site's history and its present. Focusing on her full body of work in the context of her emerging and already vibrant career, this first consideration of Escobedo's two-decade multimedia practice includes an interview with the architect, alongside informed essays that discuss the bases of her work and her wide-reaching influences. This timely profile of a rising star explores Escobedo's attention to gender, accessibility, and the environment, as well as her diverse inspirations, ranging from concrete poetry to her hometown of Mexico City, which she describes as a "modern metropolis with ancient roots . . . in other words, a living, breathing museum."

Published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Distributed by Yale University Press

Publication Date: 
May 28, 2024