A beautiful work of art to make you fall in love with the tiny creatures all around you!

Winner of the JP Redouté Children's Book Prize

The world is full of insects. They far outweigh
humans on earth, and we couldn't survive long without them. But do you really
know them? Vetted by entomologist Mathilde Gaudreau, the 30 portraits of
Insectorama will give you an insect-eye view of some of the most wonderful you
can find in parks and forests. On top of that, you'll learn
plenty of fun facts you can share with friends and family: crickets can hear
thanks to ear drums located in their abdomen, unlike the Spring Field Cricket
that hears through the knees. Don't forget about the flies and butterflies who
can taste with their legs. Did you know that many insects cross hemispheres when they
migrate? Have you ever met the Hercules beetle, at up to seven inches, the
largest beetle in the world?

Lisa' Voisard's award-winning
illustrations will help anyone learn the secrets of these 30 insects:
how to find them and how they need our help; how they navigate and how
they reproduce. Become an insect expert as you come to love these
marvelous little creatures!

Publication Date: 
March 5, 2024