Invest Like You Give a Damn: Make Money, Change the World, Sleep Well at Night

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It's time to make money and give a damn

You give a damn, right?

You want your money to do good, but your pension is riddled with oil and defense companies. Besides, investing is a pain in the ass. It's tedious, and most sustainable and responsible investing books are as much fun as a root canal. You're fighting the urge to bury your head in the sand. What to do?

There is a better way.

Invest Like You Give a Damn is a different kind of investment book. It tells real life stories of people just like you. People who give a damn but who have stomped the devil of inertia and chosen to align their money with their values. Coverage includes:

  • Why you need to give a damn about your investments
  • Engaging investor stories to guide financial planning and investment decisions
  • A ground-breaking financial and socially responsible investing asset allocation tool for profit and sustainability impact maximization
  • Money makeover profiles
  • How-to investing from one-click to deep-dive portfolio building
  • Authored by a leading socially responsible investing expert and replete with humor and irreverence, Invest Like You Give a Damn is for everyone from college graduates waiting tables, to mid-life generation Xers, to baby boomers who want to live their ideals.

    Get it, read it, give a damn!

    Marc de Sousa-Shields is co-founder of the Social Investment Organization (SIO), a UN and World Bank advisor, and contributor to online corporate sustainability magazines including Triple Pundit and Sustainable Brands . He's worked in eighty countries, blogs at The Sustainable Century, and when not on the road, he lives in Mexico.

    Publication Date: 
    November 13, 2017