A Jar of Wild Flowers

A Jar of Wild Flowers
In celebration of the ninetieth birthday of eminent artist and writer John Berger, A Jar of Wild Flowers brings together essays, reflections, and conversations about his work. For decades, Berger's poetic humanism has inspired and brought together historically, geographically, and socially disparate subjects. His work continues to unite genres and range across types of experience, opening up radical questions about the meaning of belonging and community. In keeping with this spirit, the contributions to A Jar of Wild Flowers challenge us to take the brave step outside ourselves to offer extended generosity and compassion.

This international and cross-cultural collection includes short pieces by thirty of Berger's friends, artistic collaborators, and others inspired by his work, including Julie Christie, Sally Potter, Ram Rahman, Ali Smith, Nick Thorpe, Hsiao-Hung Pai, and many others. This will be an anthology to be treasured by any fan of Berger's extensive and influential ouevre.

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2016