John: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators

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John: Interpreted by Early Christian and Medieval Commentators

This Church's Bible volume on the Gospel of John contains carefully selected and translated homilies and commentaries from such church fathers as Cyril of Alexandria, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory the Great, Theodore of Mopsuestia, Augustine, Athanasius, and the Venerable Bede. Ranging chronologically from the second century to the ninth, these substantial patristic selections provide an illuminating window into the breadth of the church's interpretive tradition on John's Gospel.

Authors of Works Excerpted

Ambrose of Milan
Ammonius of Alexandria
Apostolic Constitutions
Athanasius of Alexandria
Augustine of Hippo
Basil of Caesarea
Caesarius of Arles
Clement of Alexandria
Cyprian of Carthage
Cyril of Alexandria
Cyril of Jerusalem
Didymus the Blind
Ephrem the Syrian
Gregory of Nazianzus
Gregory of Nyssa
Gregory the Great
Hilary of Poitiers
Hippolytus of Rome
Irenaeus of Lyons
John Cassian
John Chrysostom
John of Damascus
John Scotus Eriugena
Justin Martyr
Leo the Great
Maximus of Turin
Origen of Alexandria
Peter Chrysologus
Romanos the Melodist
Rufinus of Aquileia
Severian of Gabala
Sophronius of Jerusalem
Tertullian of Carthage
Theodore of Mopsuestia
Theodoret of Cyrus
Theophilus of Alexandria

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March 13, 2018