Key Questions about Christian Faith:Old Testament Answers

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Distinguished biblical theologian John Goldingay explores what the Old Testament has to say about twenty-five important questions of the Christian faith, drawing practical, sensible applications for today's church. He writes in an engaging, conversational style and seeks biblical alternatives to the often polarized positions of Christian debates. Questions include:
- Who Is God?
- How Do God's Love and God's Wrath Relate to Each Other?
- Does God Have Surprises?
- What Does It Mean to Be Human?
- Can We Make Sense of Death and Suffering?
- What Is Sin?
- What Is the People of God? (A Narrative Answer)
- What Is the People of God? (An Answer in Images)
- What Is a Covenant?
- What Is the Meaning of Sacrifice?
- Why Circumcision?
- Should I Tithe Net or Gross?
- Was the Holy Spirit Active in First Testament Times?
- How Does Prayer Work?
- What Is Israel's Place in God's Purpose?
- Is Election Fair?
- What Is the Relationship between Creation and Salvation?
- How Does the First Testament Look at Other Religions?
- Is Leadership Biblical?
- Is God in the City?
- Does God Care about Animals?
- What Is a Family?
- What Does the Bible Say about Women and Men?
- What Might the Song of Songs Do for People?
- How Should We Think about Same-Sex Relationships?

Old Testament professors and students, pastors, and educated lay readers will appreciate Goldingay's passion for his subject.

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2010