The Labyrinth of Tender Force -- Box w/ DVD

The Labyrinth of Tender Force -- Box w/ DVD

No human quality is more necessary for survival than love, yet it is easy to lose your way within love’s complex labyrinth of oppositions. 

The Labyrinth of Tender Force collects 166 of Alexander Kluge’s love stories previously concealed among his vast library of more than 2,000 texts. 'Basic stories' was what he once called them. Organized thematically, these stories take readers on a flight over the maps—the varied topography—of love. This flight ends on a high plateau, at the heart of the most beautiful romances and a cardinal text of modernity about the economy of relationships: Madame de La Fayette’s The Princess of Cleves.

This is the limited edition version of the book which comes in a box with a DVDr containing 21 of Kluge's short films. The book is jackletless, but is bound in silk-covered boards.