Latin America and Postmodernity : A Contemporary Reader

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This collection brings together some of Latin America's most important thinkers and writers, making available in one volume classic and recent essays that address the question of postmodernity in Latin America. Here readers can find Octavio Paz's Nobel Prize speech, Leopoldo Zea's recent observations on postmodernity and the question of revolution in Mexico, Enrique Dussel's seminal discussion of modernity and the rise of world capitalism, Walter Mignolo's discussion of the relationship between cultural hegemony and control over sites of intellectual production, and Iris Zavala's use of Lacan to trace the postcolonial and postmodern imagery of Martf's Nuestra AmTrica.

Included are also detailed and comprehensive discussions of the sociological, political, literary, and cultural responses to the various positions and themes associated with postmodernity.

This collection is an ideal primary text for courses in contemporary Latin American thought, as well as classes on postmodernity. It will also serve as a major reference work on contemporary intellectual trends in Latin America. As such it will be of interest to Latin Americanists, social thinkers, philosophers, and literary and cultural critics and historians.

Publication Date: 
June 1, 2001