Le Corbusier - The Measures of Man

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The Centre Pompidou is devoting a retrospective to the work of Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, aka Le Corbusier. Not only a visionary architect, urban planner and theorist of modernity, but also a painter and sculptor, Le Corbusier made a profound impression on the 20th century in dramatically changing architectural design and the way people lived in it. The Centre Pompidou invites audiences to grasp the output of this major figure in modernity through the idea of human proportions, the human body being essential as a universal principle defining all aspects of architecture and spatial composition.

Based on a chronology structured by the main stages of this new aesthetic concept, the exhibition offers a fresh journey through Le Corbusier's work. Here the body is "seeing" and "cognitive," and we get a consistent picture of all the thinking that went into his painted, sculpted and architectural output. The modernist Le Corbusier who created Purist architecture is often pitted against the post-war Le Corbusier, the exponent of a concrete Brutalism and more organic forms. But the exhibition shows how his entire approach was in fact totally seamless.


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