Learning to Dream Again:Rediscovering the Heart of God

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Meditations that beautifully articulate a contemporary Christian wisdom

Through a series of short, thoughtful meditations, Learning to Dream Again shows what true wisdom -- wisdom shaped by Jesus' earthy humility, shameful suffering, and effervescent joy -- might look like for Christians today. Through the lens of this Christian wisdom, Samuel Wells addresses a number of difficult personal and social issues, including taxes, abortion, torture, hunger, and Christian engagement with broader culture in the arts, sciences, athletics, and medicine.

As he seeks to present a faithful rendering of the mind of Christ, Wells deftly ties abstract ideas to everyday Christian living. He groups his meditations thematically into these six chapters:

  • Learning to Love Again
  • Learning to Live Again
  • Learning to Think Again
  • Learning to Read Again
  • Learning to Feel Again
  • Learning to Dream Again
  • Beautifully written and extraordinarily insightful, Learning to Dream Again is both for Christians who have been to church for years but long to ponder the ambiguities and hard questions of faith and life and for new Christians who are just beginning to investigate how the gospel connects to their most searching questions.

    Publication Date: 
    April 26, 2013