Lee Lozano: Private Book 9

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Lee Lozano: Private Book 9

Lozano's thoughts, notes and musings for 1970

The ninth in Karma's 11-volume edition of Lee Lozano's (1930-99) Private Book project, this volume spans April to September 1970, the summer that preceded Lozano's solo exhibition at the Whitney, where she showed her Wave Paintings. (Following this major show, Lozano ceased to paint altogether and increasingly turned her attention to text-based works.) Among the thoughts, manifestos and personal contacts scribbled in these entries is a callout to Lucy Lippard, who described Lozano as "the major female figure" in conceptual art during the 1960s: "Slogans written on postcards to Lucy Lippard & my parents: Love Your Planet / Plan-It / Lose your ego for peace / Put YOUTH in the black & white house."

Publication Date: 
September 21, 2021