Lessons in Leadership: The 12 Key Concepts

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In a dynamic book sector such as "Leadership," it's easy to lose sight of the basics--the timeless concepts that continue to underpin much of the new thinking on the behavior of leaders. One of the UK's best-known business thinkers, John Adair has distilled his experience into 20 key concepts, including:

- The art of sharing decisions;
- Integrity;
- Warmth and humanity;
- Critical testing; and
- Practical wisdom.

For anyone seeking a deeper knowledge of the theories and issues surrounding leadership as a management function, Lessons in Leadership is a series of reflections on the fundamentals of leadership, all designed to challenge and inspire the reader.

In the midst of current global concerns about the quality of leadership, the book is both a practical handbook and also a contribution to the ongoing debate about what kind of leadership we should be encouraging in today's volatile and uncertain world.

Leadership and change go hand in hand--but during times of change, the basic building blocks of leadership remain the same. Regardless of the size of the team to be led--whether it is five or 5,000--Lessons in Leadership offers guidance, inspiration, reassurance, and insight.

Publication Date: 
September 4, 2018