Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics

Liberties Journal of Culture and Politics
Liberties, a Journal of Culture and Politics, is essential reading for those engaged in the cultural and political issues of our time.
In this edition of Liberties: Carissa Veliz -- The Technology of Bullshit; Adam Kirsch -- LiteratureGPT; Ryan Ruby -- Reading and Time; Michael Walzer -- Notes on A Dangerous Mistake; Reuel Marc Gerecht -- Saudi Arabia: The Chimera of a Grand Alliance; David A. Bell -- The Anti-Liberal; Emily Ogden -- Dam Nation; Stephen Darwall -- Money, Justice, and Effective Altruism; Kian Tajbakhsh -- The Problem with Anti-Colonialism: Recovering Albert Memmi; Wendy Gan -- Antigone in Hong Kong; Jennie Lightweis-Goff -- Concept Creep: A Progressive's Lament; John Summers -- In The Counterlife of Autism; Helen Vendler -- Can Poetry Be Abstract?; Celeste Marcus -- After Rape: A Guide for the Torment; Leon Wieseltier -- On Savagery and Solidarity; and, poetry by A.E. Stallings and Ange Mlinko. Published quarterly, Liberties, is a collection of the most significant writers today as well as launching the voices of tomorrow.
Liberties features serious, independent, stylish, and controversial essays by significant writers and introduces the next generation of writers and poets to inspire and impact the intellectual and creative lifeblood of today's culture and politics. Nobel Prize winners, leading scholars, well-known fiction and non-fiction writers, rising talents, and poets from around the world are part Liberties journal.
There's a reason why engaged citizens, cultural warriors, political leaders, opinion makers, and activists from across the cultural and political spectrum read and cherish Liberties.
Publication Date: 
January 23, 2024