Light in the Crevice Never Seen

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"It is stunning to read that this is the first publication of a book of poems by a Native Hawaiian. For mainlanders unaware of the racial issues in that apparent island paradise, Trask's work is an eye-opener. In heavily cadenced, musical language, Trask explores the social realities affecting Native Hawaiians today, from youthful suicide to loss of language, from verbal racism to physical violence. But there is also in her work a deep connection to the islands' beautiful, ocean-ringed land and to the sustaining strengths of family and of love. Fierce words from a woman known for her dedication to her people."-"Booklist"

""Light In The Crevice Never Seen" is the first volume of poetry ever published by an indigenous Hawaiian in the mainland US. For a debut collection, it is extraordinarily angry. An activist and an academic, Trask resents what she sees as the subjugation of Hawaii by the Japanese and the Americans, and she is deeply chagrined at the development of tourism, which she believes to have accelerated the decay of native island culture and language. While her view of Hawaiian history and politics will be of interest to outsiders unfamiliar with the islands and while Eleanor Wilners concise introduction helps put many of these issues into sharp focus for the reader few who are not already sympathizers will be moved by Trasks shrill, two-dimensional verse, which amounts to a kind of Polynesian agitprop."-"Kirkus"

Publication Date: 
November 1, 1999