Literary Occasions:Essays

Literary Occasions:Essays
Eleven essays on reading, writing, and identity--which have been brought together for the first time--from the Nobel Prize-winning author. - "He brings to [nonfiction] an extraordinary capacity for making art out of lucid thought.... I can no longer imagine the world without Naipaul's writing." --Vivian Gornick, Los Angeles Times Book Review

Here the subject is Naipaul's literary evolution: the books that delighted him as a child; the books he wrote as a young man; the omnipresent predicament of trying to master an essentially metropolitan, imperial art form as an Asian colonial from a New World plantation island. He assesses Joseph Conrad, the writer most frequently cited as his forebear, and, in his celebrated Nobel Lecture, "Two Worlds," traces the full arc of his own career. Literary Occasions is an indispensable addition to the Naipaul oeuvre, penetrating, elegant, and affecting.
Publication Date: 
August 10, 2004