Little Bee's Flower

Little Bee's Flower

A heartwarming tale buzzing with sincerity, humor, and kindness, Little Bee's Flower is about the courage in venturing out on your own--and also the strength in asking for help sometimes.

Souva's textured nature renderings and softened tones complement this little bee's determined journey. A squat trim mirrors Little Bee's size, reminding readers that she is small but mighty. . . Gently models finding courage and asking for help.
--Kirkus Reviews

Little Bee flies out on her very first mission: find a flower. But what does a flower look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? Will Little Bee ever find what she's looking for? A heartwarming tale about finding your inner courage and strength, and the support and love of others.

Publication Date: 
October 5, 2021