Little Boxes

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What happens when television is part of your cultural DNA? Twelve writers talk about their influences, and they're more Magnum PI than Marcel Proust. This is cultural criticism from an enthusiast's point of view--taking sitcoms and dramedies and very special episodes seriously, not because they're art, but because they matter to us. Little Boxes is TV writing not as "Why I Loved Parker Lewis Can't Lose" but "What Is Up with Everyone in the 80s Having a Domestic: The Different Strokes/Gimme a Break/Mr. Belvedere/Charles in Charge Story."

Essays by:

Elena Passarello
Edan Lepucki
V. V. Ganeshananthan
Jenny Hendrix
Ryan Van Meter
Rumaan Alam
Justin Torres
Elisa Gabbert
Justin Taylor
Justin Torres
T Clutch Fleischmann
Nina McConigley

Danielle Evans

Publication Date: 
August 29, 2017