Little Kitchen of Horrors

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Little Kitchen of Horrors

Your guests will be delightfully horrified by these disgusting yet delicious entrees, snacks, and party foods!

Would you like Maggot Burgers for dinner? How about some Crispy Fried Mice for appetizers and Gooey Alien Limbs for dessert? You'll squeal with happy horror at the disgusting, terrifying (and totally tasty) recipes in this book. Clear step-by-step instructions and helpful photos make it easy to cook up each horrifying dish. With frightful delicacies like Bulging Cake Eyeballs, Juicy Bat Wings, and more, will you dare take a bite?

Simple steps, nasty names, and sickening setups transform everyday foods into disgusting dishes that will leave diners grossed out but hungry for more.--Kirkus Reviews

Publication Date: 
August 1, 2018