Live Happy: 100 Simple Ways to Fill Your Life With Joy

Live Happy: 100 Simple Ways to Fill Your Life With Joy
Add happiness to your life with this collection of 100 principles for creating joy.

This affirmative, interactive guide--written by two positive psychologists--features 100 pieces of scientifically proven advice to empower your understanding of happiness and help you acknowledge the good things in your life. It shows you how to take charge of your choices, habits, relationships, environment, and self-perception to find your own form of fulfillment. From aligning your values with your actions to engaging with nature, from feeling the emotional benefits of forgiveness to experiencing the cathartic effects of tears, Live Happy will inform your attitudes and inspire a positive outlook.

Get tips on how to:

  • Embrace your emotions
  • Eat yourself healthy
  • Improve your mental wellbeing
  • Engage with the world
  • Accept the unchangeable
  • Develop your resilience
  • Show your gratitude
  • End experiences on a high
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    August 27, 2019