Love Sold Separately

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Bright lights, big trouble...

Dana Barry has nothing against rules. She just knows they're meant to be bent. So when the single, twentysomething actress loses her day job, her life is a mess...that is, until she hears the Shopping Channel is auditioning. Relying on her knack for knowing what makes people tick, she lands a gig on air. But before she can say office politics, Dana is caught in the biggest drama of her life. The star host--a diva who terrorized the entire staff--is found dead. Dana knows the prime suspect is innocent. The heat is on, and Dana thinks she's ready for it...until she tangles with the tall, dark and smoldering detective in charge. It's more fuel than she needs right now as she's trying to launch her career. But Dana's never been afraid to take chances...even when a single spark could ignite everything.
Publication Date: 
August 25, 2020