Lucas at the Paralympics

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Lucas at the Paralympics
Introduce your child to the Paralympics--where physically disabled world-class athletes exemplify strength, determination, and courage.

Lucas and Eddie, two physically disabled friends, visit the Paralympics and cheer on blind and physically challenged athletes as they compete in running, swimming, sitting volleyball, para archery, wheelchair fencing, wheelchair basketball, and more.

Readers learn about some of the rules that expedite play and that even the playing field. For example, blind runners wear blindfolds so none of the competitors (some totally blind and some with limited sight) have an unfair advantage. Also, all of the blind competitors are tethered to guides.

Author Igor Plohl, who lost the use of his legs after a spinal injury, is a teacher and passionate advocate for raising awareness of physical disability. As a teacher, he knows the questions children ask and how to answer them.

A CBC/NCSS Notable Social Studies Trade Book

Publication Date: 
July 7, 2020