The Magic Show Book

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Abracadabra! Kids will amaze friends and family with this pop-up magic show book.

The Magic Show Book becomes part of the show as young magicians craft their own wand from its pages and interact with props, pop-ups, and pull-tabs to perform card tricks, mind-reading predictions, and much more.

Kids can wave their new magic wand to conjure up a spectacular show with easy-to-perform but sure to amaze illusions using coins, cards, dice, and rope. Watch and be astounded as they make a coin jump from one hand to the other, saw a (paper) snake in half, and much more. The book's special flaps guide them through tricks, and hidden instructions make the act as seamless as possible. The audience never sees the notes and the paper engineering is part of the magic.

The Magic Show Book is a performance in a book, full of mystifying magic that will occupy kids and astonish audiences.

Publication Date: 
October 11, 2016