Magnets Push, Magnets Pull

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A world without magnets would be a world without cell phones, computers, and more! Explore the fascinating field of magnetism with this interactive picture book for young learners.

Magnetism is all around us--even the earth is a giant magnet. Trusted children's nonfiction author David A. Adler covers the basics of magnetism, including electromagnets and compasses, for aspiring scientists. Hands-on experiments are smartly woven into the narrative. Want to test out the strength of a magnet? All you need is a bowl of water and some paper clips!

Anna Raff's lively art illustrates scientific concepts clearly, with the added fun of two siblings and their dog exploring and learning together. Back matter includes a glossary that defines such terms as attraction, pole, electromagnetism, force, and more. Suggested activities on how to make your own magnet are also included.

Publication Date: 
July 31, 2018