Magnum Cycling

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Magnum Cycling
It's no surprise that some of the world's finest photographers have shot a bicycle race at some point in their careers. Cycling embodies the elements of a great photograph--the human form, pushing itself to physical extremes, thrilling landscapes, the spectacle of the crowd. It also provides a perfect opportunity for reportage, social documentary, and street photography because it happens in real time, in real life, and in the public environment.

The book is grouped into thematic chapters, featuring works by a range of Magnum photographers--who are among the most prestigious in the world--expertly curated and accompanied by descriptive captions. Each chapter also features a series of photographs by a single photographer, telling the story of an iconic moment, event, or scene . Chapters include: Riders--famous names and characters and what their work is all about; Fans and Crowds--the mixture of young and old, families, and late-night revelers; Racing--what it is to race a bike and be a part of the circus; Events--from the Tour de France to racing around a small Belgian town; Settings--the mountains, the city, and the velodrome; and Winning--the price and spoils of victory.

Magnum Cycling is a celebration of a perfect union between the great artists who have captured those most fugitive elements in cycling: the personalities, emotions, and human endurance.
Publication Date: 
June 13, 2016