Maha-Bharata, Bk. 8, Vol. 2:Karna

Maha-Bharata, Bk. 8, Vol. 2:Karna

In India's great epic Maha-bhárata, the eighth book, "Karna,"; recounts the events that occurred during the mighty hero Karna's two days as general of the Káurava army. This second volume resumes on the war's seventeenth and penultimate day. This will be a momentous day for the Bhárata clans and especially for a number of their most distinguished heroes, with some of the epic's most telegraphed events reaching their climax. Not only will the epic's most anticipated duel between its greatest champions Árjuna and Karna be played out to its cruel and tragic end, but one of the more gruesome episodes in the epic will also take place with Duhshásana meeting the fate that has long awaited him since his brazen mistreatment of Dráupadi in the assembly hall.
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Publication Date: 
May 20, 2008