Make Your Own Video Games! : With Puzzlescript, Scratch, and Twine

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Make Your Own Video Games! : With Puzzlescript, Scratch, and Twine

Making video games is a great way to express yourself, tell a funny or spooky story, and, of course, entertain your friends! Best of all, you don't need fancy computer skills to create games--just this handy book and a few free online tools are enough to begin your game-making journey.

Make Your Own Video Games! is a kid-friendly guide to digital game development that shows you how to use Twine, Puzzlescript, and Scratch to create interactive stories, adorable turn-based puzzles, and multi-level games to share with your friends. The author gives you an inside look at games and breaks them down step-by-step, leaving you with a clear understanding of what goes into making a functional and exciting game.

Along the way, you'll learn how to:

  • Make interactive fiction by building a Twine-based story where the player navigates a creepy haunted house
  • Create cute and challenging puzzles with Puzzlescript, like one that has the player herd cats!
  • Make dynamic action games with Scratch to challenge your friends, like Weird Bug Chowdown
  • Use level design to tell a story, teach gameplay, and surprise your player
  • Create sound effects and music
  • Personalize your Twine game with funky colors and effects using CSS
  • The book ends with a series of challenges designed to take your game design skills to the next level, like creating a two-player game or building your own controller.

    Everyone has their own story to share, and making games is a fun way to tell yours. With this book as your guide, you'll be creating your own cute, weird, silly, scary, and tricky games in no time.

    Publication Date: 
    September 30, 2017